Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beyond Who We Are: Beyond Who we are..

Beyond Who We Are: Beyond Who we are..: "It has been long time coming... has been a thought but could not find a way time to implement. we have become who we are today thanks to man..."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beyond Who we are..

It has been long time coming... has been a thought but could not find a way time to implement. we have become who we are today thanks to many contributing factors. Stating from parents to family teachers to friends...those are the people we saw felt and still we care for.. but have we thought of others who contributed to our success the invisible force.. they have been invisible then and they will be invisible today as well..and we go on with a blind eye towards the invisible as it is easy coz we don't see...

no one can deny the fact that most of the things around us are unfair and in just is been thrown upon the less privileged, yet we say " that's how it is and what can we do about it" this has been the common feed back you would get from any body after a very insightful discussion of a situation where some one or some thing is unfair.. just think about it .. if we ppl who has the brains to figure out the issue is saying that we don't have any thing to do about it who else would. The world has not changed on its own it has changed because people were ready to make a change..

of course we cannot change everything nor we will be able to bring even a slight change to the system and how it operates and we may not have answers to most of it. yet by being ignorant about it or hiding away would not make any difference would it.. we had certain things in our younger days and still do.. not because it was given.. it was earned and protected and preserved by our early generations.. simplest thought is that we had fee education from grade one to a university degree and a poor man's son could make a change in this world and his parents life's thanks to the system. a farmer can walk in to the hospital and get some medicine for free and can get the child vaccinated.

I believe you must be feeling some thing dramatic is happening to the system specially in the areas which were free and equitable in the society... have you noticed that education is not free any more... have you noticed that health is not free any more.. system is falling quality of public service is falling at the cost of our future generations, ofc you may say why do we need all free coz all has a opportunity cost but the truth is the Gap is too much between the capable and incapable... if no system is there to support the less privileged they will not come out of the woods for generations, and we would go back to a Class system and no one can prevent it..

Lets expand on this thoughts Can we go beyond who we are...

like to know what you think and like to know what we can do...